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Kimberley in San Diego CA
Young Living Essential Oils San Diego, CA, 
As a certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner, I will spend time talking with you to uncover your beliefs and conditioning that may be contributing to your illness or problem in order to create a healing with the Creator, or Source of All That is, on the belief that our true potential is often blocked by previous conditioning and beliefs.  I am a channel to the Healers of Love, Light and Truth.  By healing these beliefs that limit us, we can heal our bodies and minds and begin to live the life we've only just dreamed of!  I am committed to helping others achieve their goals and desires.  I believe that we have the ability with the Creator of All That Is to heal our own bodies.  Please ask me about your specific condition when contacting me.
                                   Healing modalities offered:

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Certified ThetaHealing®    ($100/hr)
OR $145 for 90 min Anuenue Signature Healing on the Amethyst Biomat, a personalized healing with ThetaHealing, Auric healing, Reiki Healing, and/or Quantum K Healing with Spirit message.                          

Energy work/Aura Healing ($40 20 mins or $85/hr)
Reiki Healing ($60 for 30 mins)
Energy healing on Amethyst Biomat (meditation w/infrared therapy) see specials on booking page here: SPECIALS
Certified Medium 
Minister of Healing 
Reiki Master Teacher
Ordained Minister 
Certified Realm Reader
Young Living Essential Oils Distributor
                 View specials and book online at>>>> BOOK NOW  

         Spiritual Counseling
·        60 minutes in person session $85
         Choice of Readings: Psychic, Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring,                      Mediumship, Tarot/Angel/Goddess Card, Crystal or Pendulum.

                   Objective:  to provide in-depth Intuitive Insights, give                                answers to deep personal questions, and to offer new                                  perspectives, uncover your dharma, clear Karma, live                                  authentically from the heart space.
Spiritual Counseling – PHONE or SKYPE available. AskRevKimberley 
          (Same as above)

Book your session by calling (619) 246-5929 OR online here

If you are lonely, tired, sick, or feel like you want to give up,
If you have a desire to improve our planet or a desire for answers,
If you want to claim your birthright of being part of All That Is,
If connecting to Divine spirit and everything in existence appeals to you,
If you'd like realization and results, then perhaps ThetaHealing® is for you.

ThetaHealing® is not a religion; it is a technique to heal and change your beliefs according to the dictates of your own conscience.  This change allows your body, mind and spirit to be healed.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your desires and help you create the beautiful, healthy reality that is your divine birthright.

Please call 619-246-5929
by appointment please
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